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If you are wondering if iPhone spy apps work, the simple answer is “YES.” In fact, iPhone spy apps work so well, that once someone finds out just what iPhone spy apps can do, they either rush out to buy one, or they switch phones in fear to prevent someone from spying on them using an iPhone spy app. How Do iPhone Spy Apps Work & What Can These Spy Apps Do? iPhone spy apps are are installed directly onto an iPhone via the phone’s internet browser. Once installed, the iPhone spy app enables anyone to spy on an iPhone. It does this by remaining absolutely undetectable, while continuing to record all iPhone activity that occurs on the phone.

The person that installed the software, can now log into their account, and view all the events recorded on the Android cell phone. Bottom line, iPhone spy apps not only work, they actually work a little too good. Today’s iPhone spy apps are capable of doing unbelievable things. Here is a list of features found in current iPhone spy apps. * Live Call Interception – This spy app feature enables someone to secretly listen in on the live calls that take place on the iPhone. When using this feature, you’ll actually be able to listen in on live calls as they are taking place. No more guessing what is being said on a call. * Spy Call – When using an iPhone spy app with a ‘Spy Call’ feature, you’ll be able to secretly call the iPhone and then secretly listen in on the iPhone’s surroundings. It’s like being a “fly on the wall.” * Stealth GPS Tracking – With stealth GPS tracking, you can anonymously track the GPS coordinates of an iPhone. Coordinates are recorded and uploaded in fifteen minute intervals, giving you a detailed picture where your target is. * Recover & Read Deleted Text Messages – All text messages that are received or sent from the iPhone are recorded and uploaded to your secure online account for later viewing.

This means even if the SMS text messages are deleted after being read, the iPhone spy app will enable you to read the message. * Call History Logs – iPhone spy apps will enable you to read all the inbound and outgoing call logs. In addition, the name stored in the mobile’s contact list that is associated to the number in the call logs (and text messages messages) will be shown. Here are the top reasons why iPhone spy apps are used:

1) Monitor & Track Cheating Spouses – Probably one of the largest reasons why somebody purchases this type of software is to spy on their spouse or partner. Maybe they are concerned that their spouse is not where they said they were, or they want to know if the late night call from “the boss” was really the boss or someone else. Using an iPhone spy app will uncover the truth.

2) Employee Monitoring – iPhone spy apps may also be used to monitor and/or enforce an organization’s compliance policies and procedures. Since iPhone spy apps keep records of every call, text message, and location, a company would have detailed records in the event a disagreement escalates into a legal issue.

3) Monitor Teen Cell Phone Use – If you are a parent worried that your teen might be involved in certain prohibited or even illegal activities, iPhone spy apps will enable you to secretly monitor your teen’s cell phone use, and then take appropriate action if required. Another added benefit of iPhone spy apps is since they include GPS tracking, you’ll always be able to locate them if they go missing. For more information on iPhone spy apps, visit the following: Mobile Spy ->


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